Study Marioprovides detailed study material and lectures for the D. Pharma,B.Pharma, and M.Pharma courses in alignment with the PCI revised regulations. Recorded lectures and live assistance on all the theory and practical subjects by highly qualified, trained, and subject expert professionals. Comprehensive and quality lectures with state-of-the-art technology will be provided to ascertain the holistic understanding of the students. Thesecourses will allow the students to access technology-enhanced lessons from quality professionals, allowing them to complete the learning process according to their schedule.

D.Pharma Course: Complete study material and blend of live classes and recorded classes for the D. Pharma course in alignment with the PCI revised regulations 2020. Courses are meticulously tailored to meet the needs of the students. Regular doubt-clearing sessions and test series prepare students to achieve academic goals. Lectures will be both in English and Hindi, keeping in mind students from all backgrounds.

D.Pharm Syllabus - Part I

  • ER20-11T Pharmaceutics -Theory
  • ER20-11P Pharmaceutics -Practical
  • ER20-12T Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Theory
  • ER20-12P Pharmaceutical Chemistry -Practical
  • ER20-13T Pharmacognosy-Theory
  • ER20-13P Pharmacognosy-Practical
  • ER20-14T Human Anatomy &Physiology -Theory
  • ER20-14P Human Anatomy & Physiology -Practical
  • ER20-15T Social Pharmacy -Theory
  • ER20-15P Social Pharmacy -Practical

D.Pharm Syllabus - Part II

  • ER20-21T Pharmacology - Theory
  • ER20-21P Pharmacology - Practical
  • ER20-22T Community Pharmacy& Management - Theory
  • ER20-22P Community Pharmacy& Management - Practical
  • ER20-23T Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology - Theory
  • ER20-23P Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology - Practical
  • ER20-24T Pharmacotherapeutics - Theory
  • ER20-24P Pharmacotherapeutics - Practical
  • ER20-25T Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy - Theory
  • ER20-25P Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy - Practical
  • ER20-26T Pharmacy Law & Ethics